We get questions at our tasting room, lots of questions! Here are some of the most often-asked questions, along with our answers! 

If these FAQs don’t answer your specific question, please email or call us and we’ll be happy to get you the answer. Better yet, come on down to the tasting room and ask in person, over a glass of wine...
  • What does Tre Anelli mean?

    The name “Tre Anelli” is the Italian expression for “Three Rings.” The name was inspired by the original label artwork (shown below) that appeared on all of the Consilience red wines through the 2012 vintage.  

    The 2013 vintages for both Tre Anelli and Consilience wines will reflect our new, exciting label designs.



    Consilience Syrah - Old Label 

  • How did Tre Anelli come to be?

    Tre Anelli was born in 2007, when co-founders Brett Escalera, Tom Daughters along with Ken Daughters, branched out from French-inspired wines and into the realm of Iberian and Italian grape varieties (grapes such as Tempranillo, Loureiro, Albariño, Barbera, et al...) 

    The name “Tre Anelli” furthers the concept of linking together, as it is the Italian expression for “Three Rings.”

  • What is The Sanger Family of Wines?

    The Sanger Family of Wines is comprised of the Consilience, Marianello and Tre Anelli wineries. Winemaker Brett Escalera makes all of our wines, sourced from locally-grown Santa Ynez Valley grapes. 

  • Where can I taste the wines?

    Wines from all three of the Sanger brands are available for tasting daily at our tasting room located at 2923 Grand Avenue in the picturesque village of Los Olivos, located 35 miles north of Santa Barbara.  We offer a choice of two flights for a $12 or $15 fee that is refundable with the purchase of two bottles of wine.  

    Is there more?

    Members and up to three guests always taste for free!

    We also offer complimentary olive oil and vinegar tasting

    Coming Soon - We will have outdoor seating (front and new back patio) for you and your friends to enjoy the town and our wines!

  • How long have you been producing wine?

    We started in 2007 with a handful of Iberian and Italian grape varieties coming from then-experimental plantings around the Santa Ynez Valley. Starting with Verdelho, Sangiovese, Nebbiolo, Tempranillo, Barbera and Dolcetto, over the years we’ve expanded our horizons to include Albariño, Pinot Gris, and some wines inspired by the blended wines of Tuscany.

  • How many wines are produced?


    The Sanger Family of Wines makes nearly two dozen different wines among its three brands, Consilience, Marianello and Tre Anelli.

    Marianello produces only two wines, while Consilience and Tre Anelli offer wines made from a broad array of locally-grown varieties.

    While only a limited selection of our wine is nationally distributed, a visit to our tasting room offers a much wider range of selections for our visitors and wine club members to enjoy.

    Needless to say, you will be treated to an adventurous wine tasting experience when you visit!

    We look forward to making your visit to our tasting room your favorite stop in the Santa Ynez Valley!


  • What is the fee for joining your wine club?

    There is no cost to join any of our clubs.  We charge you only for the wine released to members at regular intervals throughout the year. 

    Applicable sales tax will be charged as well as a shipping fee*, if you choose that option. 

    *see wine club details for exclusions.

    Visit our Wine Club page to learn more!

  • Do you ship wine outside California?

    Yes, we can ship wine to 40 states.  Please check our online store for a list of states.  We can ship our olive oil and other products to all 50 states.


  • May I bring my dog wine tasting?

    We welcome canine visitors as long as they remain on a leash and can quietly enjoy the company of other wine lovers (both two and four-legged types) 

  • Do you own your own vineyard?

    Yes we do! Although at the present time we source fruit from growers throughout the Santa Ynez Valley, grapes from the 40 acre Sanger Estate Vineyard will be used in the 2015 Marianello Estate wine releases. Our other vineyard is in the Santa Rita Hills AVA and its grapes go into the Consilience Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines.

  • About our olive oil

    The Sanger Estate Vineyard and Olive Farm is the only olive grove in the United States exclusively planted to the Lucca variety. Our 1,700 trees are planted on 11 acres and have been producing high quality olives for more than a decade.

    This unusual variety is ideally suited for the Central Coast climate. In addition to its big peppery flavor, the Lucca olive trees thrive in the temperate climate of the Santa Ynez Valley and grow olives that give up a lot of oil for their size. 

    The olives are milled at Figueroa Farms here in the Santa Ynez Valley, where they are ground to a paste, then malaxed (the industry's term for "mixed") helping the small oil globules meld into larger ones. The paste is then put into a centrifuge to separate the oil from the solids before being filtered and finally, is rested in barrels to settle and clear.

    Our 100% extra-virgin Lucca olive oil is intended as a finishing oil to enhance food, whether drizzled on top or used in a vinaigrette.

    For our flavored oils, the Arbequina olive is used as a foundation for the flavors. This olive has a sweet zest that enhances the aroma and taste of these flavored olive oils. At a time of low yields we source oils from known quality producers. These infused oils are produced by a small family operation here in California, as devoted to olive oil as we are. 



  • About our vinegar

    All of our flavored balsamic vinegars are produced in California. They are infused with fruit and other natural ingredients grown locally and will retain their flavor regardless of how long the bottle has been opened.

    The Cask 25 Balsamic Vinegar, 375ml
    The Cask 25 Balsamic Vinegar is imported from Modena, Italy, the home of true aceto balsamico. This traditional balsamic vinegar is produced by aging it in a series of progressively smaller casks for 25 years. Evaporation over time increases the mellowness, complexity and density of the vinegar, so the longer it ages, the more intense it becomes. 

    Flavored Balsamic Vinegars, 375ml
    We currently offer two flavored balsamic vinegars to enjoy and experiment with. Our champagne vinegar makes for an excellent vinaigrette, with honey, apple and pear aromatics.  And our balsamic pomegranate vinegar is a classic component for salad dressings and even cocktails.