About Us

How we got started...

Tre Anelli was born out of curiosity. When Brett Escalera and Tom & Jodie Daughters founded Consilience in 1997, their goal was to explore making wine from grapes best-known as being from France’s Rhône Valley. As the years passed and they worked their way through the Syrah, Grenache, Viognier, and other varieties becoming available in the Santa Ynez Valley, they realized that growers had begun planting other grapes common to the Mediterranean region. These Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese varieties shared the same wine and food combining possibilities as the Consilience bottlings, but the inquisitive trio at Consilience wanted to differentiate these wines from the French-inspired releases from Consilience. There was also the matter of family heritage at play here; Brett is of Italian and Spanish descent, and both of his grandfathers made wine for their personal consumption from locally grown Santa Barbara County grapes. Over and above his sense of vinous adventure, Brett wanted to honor his memories of his grandfathers. Thus, in 2005 Tre Anelli sprang into existence.

Over the years, Brett’s curiosity has grown, and he’s continued working with a broad and eclectic range of grape varieties that are only now being seen with any regularity in the Central Coast area. The winemaking a little bit on the edge as far as the grape varieties are concerned, but the wines are beautifully crafted, working well with food or on their own.

We hope you’ll join us on our voyage of discovery with Tre Anelli.